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Top 10 Articles on Parenting

1. Protecting Your Son from Aggressive Girls

We’re seeing a surge in girls taking the initiative with guys at younger and younger ages, and aggressively attempting to lure them into sexual activity. By Dennis Rainey


2. Guarding Our Daughters’ Sexual Purity

A nervous father interviews his daughter’s date. By Dennis Rainey


3. How to Ruin Your Kid for Life

Ten ways to ensure that your child will not succeed. By Tricia Goyer


4. 40 Lessons We Sought to Teach Our Children

Here’s a list of values and character traits that helped us focus on biblical priorities in our parenting. By Dennis and Barbara Rainey


5.  Q&A: Disrespectful Speech and Whining

How should we react when our preschooler answers with “Who cares?” to our requests? By Dennis and Barbara Rainey


6. 10 Ideas: Connecting with Your Kids

In today’s activity-packed society, it’s more important than ever to intentionally connect with your kids. By Mary May Larmoyeux


7. Stop Overindulging Your Children

Advice on how to meet all their needs, but not all their wants. By Jill Rigby


8. Getting to the Heart of Your Children’s Behavior

Too many parents focus on changing a child’s behavior. More important is what’s going on in the child’s heart. By Tedd Tripp


9. Beyond Abstinence

Challenging your child to the higher goal of purity.  By Dennis and Barbara Rainey


10. Disciplining Your Children Without Losing Your Cool

Six guidelines for controlling your emotions while verbally correcting your kids. By Ginger Plowman

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