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Readers Responses: What Wives Appreciate About Their Husbands

We asked wives, “What is one thing you most appreciate about your husband this Thanksgiving?”  Here are the replies we received by email.  You can find more responses in the comments section at the end of the original article.

1. Terry loves me no matter what my faults are. —Barbara Robinson

2. Well… to be honest… for quite a few years I wondered and struggled with how my husband could be so defective! It turns out we are both defective and we need each other to be complete! I am thankful that he and I are very different. If we thought the same thoughts and did things the same way, we would be redundant and would not need each other. It has taken me 25 years to truly appreciate this!!! —a grateful wife

3. David doesn’t hold grudges. … He has taught me that holding grudges is overrated and he’s right. — Elizabeth Wehman

4. One thing about my spouse, Glen, that I am most thankful for is his willingness to step up and be a true leader for our family. A man that is willing to say he is sorry, to help around the house, to engage with our children, to pick up the slack, to take on whatever responsibility is needed that day…even when he doesn’t feel like it. I feel very honored and cherished for this. —Shawn Solberg

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