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“Why Would God Let Me Get Pregnant?”

Cathy clutched the steering wheel as she rounded the curve near her parents’ home. She had driven down that same road countless times, but this time was different. She didn’t want to go home—to see her mom and dad face-to-face.

She didn’t want to look into their eyes after she had told her mom on the phone, “I’m pregnant.”

She didn’t want to see the tears.

As Cathy peered down from the top of the last hill, she caught a glimpse of her childhood home. She smiled when she saw the front porch swing. But then she remembered the hard conversation with her mom just a few days earlier.

Cathy had put her parents through a lot over the past two years. In her mind, being pregnant would be the “last straw” for them.  She wished she could be like her other friends and just end her problems with an abortion. Oh, she had considered it, but decided that she just couldn’t go through with the procedure.

Her roommates said if she decided to keep the baby they would help her raise the child. They even told her they would arrange their school schedules so someone could always be home.

But that didn’t sound realistic to Cathy.

Cathy was about to face reality. She would see her parents for the first time in months. She wondered why she had accepted her mother’s invitation to come home for the weekend.

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