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Reader Responses: The meaning of “in sickness and in health”

Editor’s Note:  In the Marriage Memo of January 30, 2012, Dave Boehi asked readers their thoughts about the choices made by a woman featured in Washington Postarticle titled, The Vow: A family learns the true meaning of “in sickness and in health.” Below are the responses that we received:

1. This story struck a chord with me.  I have never commented on these forums before, but I am compelled to on this one.  When a covenant is made between a husband, wife, God and witnesses, it is not transferred until certain biblical allowances are invoked.  Never in the Bible is an allowance for divorce the sickness of a spouse.  For a minister to make this suggestion, and the woman to move ahead despite her deep-seated conviction, speaks to the day today—a time when we conform the Bible to our lives instead of conforming our lives to the Bible.  This is a direct hit to the marriage covenant and a husband and wife’s covenant before God and witnesses.

2. What would we do if God broke His covenant with us as a result of our disjointed lives?

3. “Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate” in Mark 10:9, and “So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” in Matthew 19:6. When we redefine marriage, what we’re really doing is redefining God and His Word so that He can fit into our mold. You know, since He was made in OUR image… WAIT a minute! I think I’ve got that reversed. That’s right: WE were made in HIS image. (See II Timothy 3 as we should be seeing this ‘redefining’ of God’s Word more and more in these ‘end times’). Thy Kingdom come!

4. Totally was upset by this article from The Washington Post, but I realize we cannot control the choices that the world endorses. The best we can do is to live out our marriages as God’s word prescribes. No divorce!