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Giving Thanks in All Things

Do you ever feel as though the circumstances of life are about to overwhelm you? It is said, We are worn down less by the mountain we climb than by the grain of sand in our shoe. I agree. Would you like to know what pebbles seem to frequent my sneakers?

  1. People who try to make me feel guilty.
  2. My unbalanced checkbook.
  3. My garage. (It continually proves the second law of thermodynamics—the universe is moving from order to disorder.)
  4. The incessant ringing of the telephone.
  5. Sibling rivalry.
  6. Things that break and need fixing.
  7. A drippy faucet. A smoking fireplace. And a leaky pipe in the ceiling.
  8. Car problems that always occur at the most inopportune times.
  9. A whining child.
  10. Things that aren’t where I left them. Or forgetting where I left them.
  11. More sibling rivalry.
  12. An unresolved conflict with a family member.
  13. And tripping over all the stuff that six children can drag out! There have been times when the floors at our place were symbolic of a lot of life’s circumstances: piled with the unpredictable and regularly cluttered with chaos.

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