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The Great Adventure

Break free from boredom and begin life’s adventure!

Life should be an adventure, but too often it seems tiring, even boring. The Great Adventure challenges you to break free from the bondage of boredom and begin on the great adventure that God has uniquely designed for you. Included in this study is Your Unique Design, an online assessment that will help you understand your natural strengths and the environments in which you thrive.

This DVD Set contains 20 sessions on DVD, 2 Leader Workshop DVDs, and 1 Leader CD-ROM

01. Starting the Great Adventure (45:17)13. Evidence of Our Unique Design-Part 1 (25:46)
02. Questions Every Adventurer Must Face (44:11)14. Evidence of Our Unique Design-Part 2 (37:46)
03. Pausing to Process (51:09)15. Understanding Your Servants by Design Profile TM – Part 1 (30:49)
04. The Adventurer’s “Wiring” (46:58)16. Understanding Your Servants by Design Profile TM – Part 2 (34:51)
05. The Adventure’s Sacred Oath (43:49)17. Writing Your Personal Mission Statement (27:06)
06. Taking the Great Adventure Out of the World (48:36)18. Design Encouragements (39:53)
07. Every Man’s Adventure with Eternity (45:58)19. How to Be a Great Adventure
08. Refocusing My Life for Adventure (35:45)20. Final Thoughts (21:00)
09. Being Advised of Adventure Busters-Part 1(52:09)Leader CD-ROM
10. Being Advised of Adventure Busters- Part 2 (52:09)Workshop 1: What Men Need & How the Church Can Help (49:30)
11. One of History’s Best, Great Adventurers (55:24)Workshop 2: Starting a Men’s Fraternity in Your Church (51:34)
12. Your Unique Design TM (39:22)

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