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Be a HomeBuilder

Grab a tool.  Change a Home.  Change the world.

A fresh start … untold thousands of couples are hoping and praying for one in 2016.


The HomeBuilders Couples Series® helps you build a godly marriage and develop lifelong friendships. The HomeBuilders Parenting Series™ takes the struggle out of parenting and provides the answers you need to build a strong family. Join one of the fastest-growing small-group studies in the country and take the principles of God’s Word home to your family, church, and community!

The HomeBuilders Couples Series is a small-group Bible study developed by FamilyLife dedicated to making your family all that God intended. Whether you’ve been married for years or are newly married, this series will help you and your spouse discover timeless principles from God’s Word that you can apply to your family.

HomeBuilders Teaches Biblical Principles
• Reveals God’s plan for marriage with numerous supporting scriptures
• Teaches more about living and enjoying the Christian life
• Emphasizes practical life applications of biblical principles
• Uses a biblical model for small groups

HomeBuilders is Versatile and Practical to Use
• Offers a diverse selection of topics suitable for couples in any stage of marriage
• Requires a short-term commitment of 4 to 8 weeks and needs no written preparation from group members
• Requires a “facilitator”, not an expert Bible teacher, and minimal preparation to lead a group
Encourages completion of a weekly “HomeBuilders Project”, a one hour fun activity and conversation, for couples outside of the group

HomeBuilders Encourages and Strengthens Families
• Spurs conversation between husband and wife
• Provides encouragement and accountability between couples and group participants
• Increases awareness of and participation in further marriage enrichment opportunities
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Price: R50.00 Study Guide R45.00 Leader Guide


Building Your Marriage (Afrikaans & English)
A great place to start for those who are new to HomeBuilders or want to go deeper into the principles taught at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage conference. Part of God’s plan for marriage is for you to help your mate become all that God intended. While that may sound like a big job, all it takes is letting your mate know that you accept them and are committed to meeting their needs.



Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage (Afrikaans & English)
The difference between any two couples is not whether there is conflict, but what they do with conflict when it surfaces. Learn to transform conflicts into opportunities to energize your marriage and increase your love for your mate.



GT in Christ

Growing Together in Christ (English)
You will learn how Jesus provides the strongest possible foundation for you marriage. And, as you grow together in Christ, you’ll find true fulfillment in your marriage–and in God’s purpose for your lives.



Impr Comm

Improving Communication in Your Marriage (Afrikaans & English)
You will recognize and understand the barriers to good communication; learn ways to make your relationship a priority; discover practical steps for resolving conflict; and increase spiritual intimacy as you seek God together.



OStressOvercoming Stress in Your Marriage (Afrikaans & English)
In today’s fast-paced society, people are so busy. If you aren’t careful, stress and time pressure can put a strain on your marriage. This study is packed with “right-where-you-live” insights and practical help to diffuse stress.




Mastering Money in Your Marriage (Afrikaans & English)
It’s no secret that money can cause conflict in marriage. Now you can learn how to work on money issues and strengthen your marriage at the same time!




Building Teamwork in Your Marriage (Afrikaans & English)
Understand your differences are gifts from God. Learn to enjoy each other more and make your marriage more fun, healthy, and fascinating.



RCof Faith

Parenting – Raising Children of faith (Afrikaans & English)
As Christian parents, we want our children to enjoy a strong, satisfying, life-transforming faith. But beyond modelling a strong faith, many of us still wonder, “What specific things can we do to be even more purposeful in growing our kids’ faith?”



Impr Parenting

Parenting – Improving Your Parenting (Afrikaans & English)
This dynamic, interactive Bible study gives parents the tools to be the moms and dads God intended. Learn how to improve communication with your child, be a good disciplinarian, and build character in your child.



HCK GodParenting – Helping Your Children Know God (Afrikaans & English)
This study was written so that moms and dads will grow in their own understanding of our great God, and will be challenged and equipped to pass that understanding on to a new generation.




Parenting – Guiding Your Teenagers (Afrikaans & English)
Designed to help parents of teens (or preteens) proactively deal with the hottest issues you will face with your teens. Share the struggles and successes with other parents!




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