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Reader Responses: Is Marriage a Dying Institution? (#101-203)

Editor’s Note:  In the Marriage Memo of May 16, 2011, Dave Boehi wrote on “Is Marriage a ‘Dying Institution’?”  Readers were invited to respond, and included here are some of the responses we received. Click here to read additional responses.

101.  In my humble opinion, marriage is not a dying institution. We humans are more comfortable for it to be and ‘outdated’ thing than work hard to get through the problems of having a relationship. My parents have been married since college. It would be completely untrue to say that their time together has been perfect. They always have troubles and go through pain, but there is one difference between them and most people agreeing with this article. They actually try to work through the problems they encounter, and with the good Lord’s help they succeed. Every relationship created will have its hard times. Everyone will get in an argument eventually. What matters is how the people involved resolve the argument.

This weakening of belief in marriage is not a positive thing at all. What will happen when we turn our backs on something that has kept our society together for centuries? On a historical outlook, marriage is dated to go back to the beginning of creation (if you are a Christian) or since humans evolved (if you are an evolutionist). With another outlook, I’m not surprised at all that something like this has come up. Marriage is, by today’s standards, simply inconvenient!

Marriage takes away the pleasure of doing whatever you want with no one to be accountable to. If you cheat on your boyfriend, there could be some sadness. But look out if you are found with someone else during your married life, you are going to get a divorce and that happens to cost money.

When asking what should be done about this ‘problem’, there is only one real answer. People will always want to push the line farther and farther away from what people during the 1700’s would of considered against the law. The only way to resolve this giant issue is to go to what is at the heart of it; sin. You can go to a counselor. You can try and get help. If you aren’t right inside, that is not going to do anything at all.

America is in a dire situation. With people openly expressing opinions that go against our very basis of founding, what is next? It is simply a look into the future and what might happen if the world’s hearts stay the same.